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When Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde compared the January 6th insurrection to a “normal tourist visit,” it sent outrage throughout the media waves. However, many of history’s so-called “riots” or “insurrections” were really just a group of tourists getting together to “see the sights” if you will. Here are just some historic tourist visits that have been unfairly miscategorized over the years.

Little Rock, Arkansas (1957)

Silence isn’t always golden.

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The mental and physical benefits of meditation are well-documented: reduced stress and anxiety, improved mood and sleep, the list goes on and on.

But, let’s face it, sometimes, meditation can be … well, boring.

I have tried many, many times to make meditating a habit, but I just can’t seem to get it to stick. It ends up being yet another chore that I have to do.

Fortunately, I have found some activities that are similar to meditation but are a bit more suited to my need for some sort of physical activity and stimulation.

If you’re like me and…

And it’s about time.

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When Saturday Night Live announced that Elon Musk would be hosting, it sent shock waves through the entertainment industry—and the response wasn’t always positive. In fact, allegedly two cast members were furious with the pick.

But when the figurative curtain fell on last night’s episode, you have to hand it to Elon—he was good, especially for a non-actor/comedian. He was charming, sincere, self-effacing—it was a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Elon’s breakthrough performance has opened up the possibilities for other mega-rich nerds to host SNL. Here’s a look at SNL’s upcoming hosts:

  • Warren Buffet, investor genius/CEO…

We can’t count on our fellow Americans to not reelect him again …

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With only 11 days to go (as of this writing) in Trump’s presidency, many Republican politicians are hesitant to impeach Donald Trump citing a myriad of reasons: there’s not enough time, it would divide the country even further, Trump’s on his way out anyway. But these excuses are just the newest in a long list of excuses for Trump’s actions made by Republican politicians whose abatement of Trump holds them partially accountable for the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol as well.

The following are just three…

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The stakes are high, and the animal kingdom is out of patience with human indecisiveness

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With less than a month until the 2020 presidential election, an estimated 11% of voters are still undecided about who they will vote for. Given that a few hundred votes in key states can determine the election's outcome, this seemingly small percentage can have huge implications for the country's trajectory.

These animals perfectly encapsulate the range of emotions upon hearing that some people still cannot make up their minds even after everything has been going on.

This macaw literally could not keep its food in its mouth.

“We’re human — and maybe that’s the word that best explains us.”

Captain Kirk as played by William Shatner (CBS)

Star Trek: The Original Series is often dismissed for its “bad” special effects and silly monsters. Personally, I think all these “negative” attributes add to its charm and would trade the special effects of yesteryear for any of the special effects-heavy action movies of today.

What is often missed in these characterizations are the poetic insights on humanity and the human experience. The series is filled with moving monologues, and thought-provoking quotes, many of which come from the quintessential leader, Captain James T. Kirk.

These quotes have become…

It depends on how you define “ valuable.”

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I’ve seen many articles praising the value of a liberal arts education, and promising that even though graduates with liberal arts degrees may not be as in demand as those with technical or professional degrees, their time will come.

Although it’s nice to be reassured that deciding to go to a liberal arts college and major in Anthropology was the right decision, it seems a little empty considering how difficult it is to procure a well-paying job in today’s job market.

While it’s encouraging to read articles about companies that primarily hire…

If you’re swept up in the rip current of helpless feelings, these tips can help you get back onshore.

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These days it seems like the fountain of bad news is bottomless. And it’s been like this for quite some time.

It’s easy to feel like nothing you could do could make any difference and that you don’t have any say in the world in which you live.

If you’re swept up in the rip current of helpless feelings, these tips can help you get back onshore.

#1: Focus on what you can control.

The best way to not feel helpless is to focus on things you can…

Sea World had it right y’all!

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Blackfish may go down in history as one of the worst and most blatantly misleading documentaries of all time.

For those who don’t know, this documentary “exposed” the harsh and inhumane treatment of killer whales in captivity, particularly by Sea World.

Sadly enough, this smear campaign actually worked, causing Sea World to end its orca breeding program and phase out live performances — a decision that will go down in history as one of the dumbest of all time.

1.) A “Killer” Indeed

When mutilated great white sharks started washing up on the beaches of South Africa, scientists…

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2020 has been a right shite of a year, and we still have more than four months left (here’s hoping that it’s better than the previous eight months).

For those who have been “taking advantage” of all the free time they have at home with their significant other, here are some cute baby names to commemorate this sh*%hole of a year.


Rona: If you’re a sadist, consider naming your child after coronavirus. (She’ll thank you when she’s older.)

Quinn: Remember hydroxychloroquine?

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